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[Online] Software Testing (QA Manual)

[Online] Software Testing (QA Manual)
Start date
Summer 2022
2,5 months
8400 UAH
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The central academy About the course

About the course

QA Engineer is one of the key positions in the IT-sphere as the quality of the final product and customer satisfaction depends on his work.

During the course, you will learn how to become a QA magician and help to make this world a little better! You will learn how to find bugs, how to check the quality of the software products: from the first line of the code till the final stages of the software development process. You will receive theoretical and practical knowledge of how to find, document, and control the corrections of the bugs.

The top students will have the opportunity to start their career as QA Engineers in Israel IT.

The central academy Why is it worth it to learn this direction

Why is it worth it to learn this direction

Since different people are involved in each state of software development, there is a danger that the final product won't work properly. Independent experts are needed to verify all input and output requirements and to verify the correct operation of hardware and software systems; people who have special knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure excellent product quality. That's why QA Engineers will be necessary for each company for a long time.

The central academy Program course

Program course

Software testing process
  • What is software testing?;
  • Software development models and methodologies;
  • Traditional testing approach;
  • Agility;
  • Functional testing process: Iterative;
  • Test planning;
  • Test design;
  • Test execution;
  • Analysis & reporting.
Requirements analysis
  • Levels of requirements;
  • Distribution of bugs;
  • What is requirements analysis?;
  • Requirements characteristics;
  • How to review requirements?
Function and domain testing
  • Testing methods;
  • Function testing - Tasks;
  • Function testing - How to test?;
  • Domain testing;
  • Equivalence classes;
  • Boundary values.
Practice 1
  • Requirement analysis.
Test cases
  • What is a test case?;
  • Equivalence classes and boundary values;
  • Test case structure;
  • Test scenario;
  • Checklist;
  • Writing test cases on a large scale.
Practice 2
  • Test case creation.
Defect hunting and reporting
  • What is a defect (bug)?;
  • Who can report?;
  • What is a defect (bug) report?;
  • Bug Tracking Systems;
  • Bug lifecycle;
  • Defect report key properties;
  • Bug report attributes.
Practice 3
  • Practice testing and finding bugs.
Regression testing
  • What is Regression testing;
  • Styles of regression;
  • Risks and problems;
  • Choosing regression tests;
  • Regression levels;
  • Partial regression strategy;
  • Regression GUI automation.
Practice 4
  • Regression testing
Test status reporting
  • Why do we report status?;
  • Status report;
  • What should we report?;
  • What should the Summary contain;
  • Standard report sections;
  • Typical customizations.
12. Bonus lecture
SQL and database testing
  • What is a database?;
  • Common logical data models for DB;
  • Relational mode;
  • SQL;
  • Queries;
  • NoSQL;
  • UnQL;
  • Database testing.
The central academy Lessons schedule

Lessons schedule

7:00 PM
Tue, Thu
The central academy What will the student be able to do upon successful completion of the course

What will the student be able to do upon successful completion of the course

  1. Will understand what the software testing is;
  2. Will learn how to work with the necessary documents that QA Engineer works with;
  3. Will learn how to find, describe and track the bugs;
  4. Will receive practical experience from the real cases.

Information about the teacher

The central academy Requirements for the student

Requirements for the student

  1. Own PC or Laptop
  2. Logical thinking and analytical skills
  3. English - at least B1 (Intermediate): spoken and written
  4. Will be a plus: technical knowledge of web applications, mobile devices, etc.
The central academy The entry process

The entry process


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