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[Online] IT Recruitment: intensive + internship

[Online] IT Recruitment: intensive + internship
Start date
15th May 2023
1,5 months
4700 UAH
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The central academy About the course

About the course

Our course is based on practical experience in an IT company and together with you (the student) during the whole course, we will determine what "quality recruitment" means. It is important for us that our students understand who a recruiter is, what quality recruitment looks like, what role it plays in the life of the company and most importantly,  that all graduates will be able to apply the knowledge they gain, in practice.

During the course you will explore all the sources for the candidate's research, you will understand which specialists to look for and you will learn how to easily understand the needs of the hiring company. After each lesson, we will use all the knowledge in practice and at the end of the course, you will have a full and clear understanding of the recruitment process. After the successful completion of the course, your knowledge will have enough to start your career as an IT recruiter. In addition, we will offer to the best graduates to try themselves in the Israel IT recruitment department.

The central academy Why is it worth it to learn this direction?

Why is it worth it to learn this direction?

IT recruitment is one of the most popular areas in IT companies. At the moment, almost every company has at least one recruiter. Companies are ever-growing - they need new, professional talent. Companies already have their products, what they need is the constant involvement of new people. Сompanies have own startups, and they are starting to prepare for growth. Recruiters are needed for each company type :) As a result, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally, and to discover new technical areas. The greatest value for the recruiter is the people whom they have hired in to the company, and then they can meet them in the kitchen with a cup of coffee!

The central academy Program course

Program course

Module 1
Intro to IT Recruitment
  • who IT recruiter is;
  • recruiters types;
  • recruitment process;
  • Ukrainian IT market (company types, etc.).
Module 2
Intro to technology
  • development cycle;
  • program languages and frameworks.
Module 3
Sourcing process (part 1)
  • strategies and sources (LinkedIn, Djinni, etc.);
  • active and passive sourcing.
Module 4
Sourcing process (part 2)
  • boolean search;
  • profile reading.
Module 5
Communication with candidates
  • initial contact (first message, emails);
  • follow-ups;
  • working with objections;
  • offer and counter-offer negotiation;
  • feedback.
Module 7
Hiring stages and recruitment metrics
  • pre-screening call;
  • technical interview;
  • client interview;
  • test-task;
  • HR interview;
  • recruitment metrics and analytics.
Part 2
  • 3 weeks of the internship which includes work on the real vacancy with the mentor.
The central academy Lessons schedule

Lessons schedule

6:30 PM
Mon, Wed, Fri

Information about the teacher

The central academy Requirements for the student

Requirements for the student

  1. Own PC or laptop
  2. Ability to learn quickly
  3. Result oriented
  4. English - at least A2 (Pre-Intermediate)
The central academy The entry process

The entry process


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