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[Online] IOS App Development: Swift Fundamentals

[Online] IOS App Development: Swift Fundamentals
Start date
June 28
3,5 months
11400 UAH
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The central academy About the course

About the course

Do you want to learn how to create Apps for iOS? Great, you are in the right place!

We have built an impressive course that will help you to create your own applications for iPhone, iPad or iPod! The course is structured in a way when each student with no previous experience in programming will be able to go through all the stages - from simple to complex and create his or her own application at the end of the course. 

We use a practical approach in teaching, meaning, from the beginning we will develop real applications that you will be able to use in your own portfolio.

Also, as a bonus, the last lesson of the course will be held with a recruiter from Israel IT, where each student will be advised and taught how to correctly create an informative resume, how to plan the further steps in finding a job and how to present yourself at the interview.

The top students will have the opportunity to start their career as IOS developers in Israel IT.

Register ASAP and see you soon during the course!

The central academy Why is it worth it to learn this direction?

Why is it worth it to learn this direction?

iOS and Android make up 96% of the smartphone market. Both platforms are profitable for software developers, so it is usually difficult to decide which one to work with.

While Android outperforms iOS in terms of market size, developers are making more money on iOS. iOS users spend about 4 times more than Android users. This makes iOS development more profitable for the company. Therefore, companies, especially startups, whose resources are usually limited, choose to run with iOS in the first place. As a future developer, you can be sure there is a high demand for iOS specialists.

The central academy Program course

Program course

Lesson 1
  • Introduction to Swift and Playgrounds;
  • Constants, Variables, and Data Types.
Lesson 2
  • Operators & Control flow.
Lesson 3
  • Xcode;
  • Building, Running and Debugging an App;
  • Documentation;
  • Interface Builder Basics.
Lesson 4
  • Strings;
  • Functions.
Lesson 5
  • Structures;
  • Classes, Inheritance.
Lesson 6
  • Collections;
  • Loops.
Lesson 7
  • Introduction to UIKit;
  • Displaying Data;
  • Controls In Action.
Lesson 8
  • Auto Layout and Stack Views.
Lesson 9
  • Optionals;
  • Type Casting and Inspection;
  • Guard.
Lesson 10
  • Constant and Variable Scope;
  • Enumerations.
Lesson 11
  • Segues and Navigation Controllers;
  • Tab Bar Controllers.
Lesson 12
  • View Controller Life Cycle;
  • Building Simple Workflows.
Lesson 13
  • Protocols;
  • App Anatomy and Life cycle;
  • Model View Controller.
Lesson 14
  • Scroll Views;
  • Table Views.
Lesson 15
  • Intermediate Table Views;
  • Saving Data.
Lesson 16
  • System View Controllers;
  • Building Complex Input Screens.
Lesson 17
  • Closures;
  • Extensions;
  • Practical Animation.
Lesson 18
  • Working with the Web: HTTP and URL Session;
  • Working with the Web: Decoding JSON.
Lesson 19
  • Working with the Web: Concurrency.
Lesson 20
  • App Personality;
  • The Design Cycle;
  • Project Planning.
Bonus lesson 21
  • The Augmented Reality Template;
  • Introduction to SceneKit.
Bonus lesson 22
  • Finding Flat Surfaces;
  • Interacting with Augmented Reality;
  • Image Recognition in ARKit.
Bonus lesson with recruiter
  • how to create the CV;
  • test tasks;
  • job offer.
The central academy Lessons schedule

Lessons schedule

7:00 PM
Tue, Thu

Information about the teacher

The central academy Requirements for the student

Requirements for the student

  1. A computer that is based on macOS (MacBook). Also, can be a Windows-based computer with a Virtual box that supports virtualization (with the Intel processor)
  2. English - at least B1 (Intermediate) as all the resources during the course will be in English
  3. Great desire to become an iOS developer :)
The central academy The entry process

The entry process


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