IOS App Development: Detailed Overview

IOS App Development: Detailed Overview

Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets, players and software. More than 70% of people use smartphone applications in their daily tasks. The iOS app store (App Store) is the second largest in the world, such popularity has created a huge demand for iOS developers. In the article, you will find who the iOS developer is, what you should know to become a specialist in the area and where to study.
IOS App Development: Detailed Overview

Who is the iOS developer and what does he do?

iOS Developer is a specialist who creates software products for mobile devices running the iOS operating system from Apple. Everything you see on an iPhone, iPad and iPod display is the work of their hands.

What should an iOS developer do and what is his/her daily work?

iOS developers use the programming language Swift to develop software and write code that is comparatively easy to learn. After developing the product developers test it, fix bugs and download the product to the App Store. However, after that, the iOS developers’ responsibilities do not end, because then they need to add new functionality and update the application repeating the first steps (write code, test, fix bugs and update the version on the App Store).

Where to start to become an IOS developer?

There are two options for how you learn - to do self-study or to find professionals who practice and teach others. If you choose the first option (webinars, YouTube videos, professional literature, etc.), you need to understand that it will take more time because you need to find information, then understand which of it is really worth studying and, of course, start learning. If you choose the second option (courses), you will receive the necessary information and will have the opportunity to try coding yourself. With a professional who will help you during your education process. However, while choosing the teacher or school/academy you need to pay attention to their qualification and program in order not to spend your time and money in vain.

Tips for beginners from the lecturer of the  "IOS App development: Swift Fundamentals" course in The Central Academy Volodymyr Ilkiv

1. Learn English!

Starting your career as an iOS developer is possible without a good level of English, however, you will not have career growth, but all of us want it.

2. Soft skills

Improve your emotional intelligence skill and, most importantly, learn to communicate with people. Empathy is also very important - when you perfectly understand the customer's needs and are able to convince them that his/her product is in safe hands.

3. Know your own value!

You should not exaggerate, but also you should not underestimate yourself. Every high-qualified specialist was a beginner once- if others can do it, then why not give it a try?

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