9 Myths About the SMM

9 Myths About the SMM

Nowadays, a professional SMM manager is one of the biggest advantages in every business. SMM has long proven its effectiveness, but there are still widespread myths about it. If you already work in SMM, you probably know about which myths in the SMM we will be talking about now. But if you just want to start your journey in SMM, then this article is a MUST READ for you. Let's get started!
9 Myths About the SMM

1. Becoming an SMM specialist is simple and easy, anyone can work in this area without any special knowledge!

Of course, this is just a myth. The job of an SMM manager is first of all a job that needs to be mastered over the years and follow all the updates of algorithms in order to be in trend.

2. SMM positions are for students or trainees

This thought is completely wrong. If you think like this, your business can suffer. This is a bad strategy, poor quality content will at least lead to a decrease in the number of followers, at worst, you can lose brand loyalty and sales.

3. The entire work is just to ask friends to like and comment on the posts

Experienced SMM managers will not constantly ask their friends to like posts, because the algorithms of social networks are arranged completely differently. Unfortunately, we cannot cheat on the algorithms.

4. SMM is expensive and not very effective

SMM is first and foremost marketing, good marketing cannot be cheap. But, if you use SMM correctly, be sure that the invested money will be returned by sales. In terms of efficiency, the SMM works wonders in the hands of professionals.

5. People don't buy anything through the social networks

Yes, it’s true! They do not buy anything! But only those who do not need to buy something. That is why a qualified SMM manager clearly identifies the target audience and offers the product to them only. If you investigate this question, it is not a secret that the largest number of views on YouTube belongs to channels with content for children. Try to sell them soap bubbles, and it won’t work, because your target audience in this case is parents. That's why it is really important to have a really high-qualified SMM manager, who will understand who your target audience is and sell to them.

6. More subscribers, the better the brand is!

Of course, this is cool. But! Who is your target audience and what do you sell? Why do you need a lot of subscribers? Do you want someone to buy your products or do you want to sell advertising on your blog? The page can have 1,500 relevant subscribers who will make regular purchases, and there may be 10,000 subscribers, 90% of which are teenagers - who mostly are the insolvent target audience.

7. More posts are better!

It is not correct, especially if you're creating the page from scratch. Instagram algorithms will lose your page if you will publish 5 posts per day during the month. Not only algorithms, but the quality of your content will suffer from the quantity too. In addition, a large number of posts from one brand only irritates customers.

8. A good post has a lot of hashtags!

A lot of hashtags can harm your content as readers will probably skip these types of posts. The hashtags visually increase the text of the post, that's why most users will scroll through this kind of post with the thought "Too many words, I'll just skip it." It is best to use no more than 7 hashtags that best describe your post.

9. Content is everything that you need to be successful!

Indeed, the quality of the content is very important. The information must be presented clearly and essentially. But! Don't forget that social media is mostly about visuals now. If the image selected is not visually appealing, then your post can simply be scrolled past.

Where should you study to become an SMM manager?

Nowadays, there are a lot of webinars, online classes, video tutorials, books and SMM courses. The Central Academy offers high-qualified SMM courses where you can gain the necessary knowledge to start your career as an SMM manager. Follow the link and fill out the form! We are waiting for you!

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